Vincent Tay & Yvonne Chung

fishing mad Sporean couple in Rochester, Minnesota

Friday, July 20, 2007

We did like a couple of shots...

Here are some of our fav shots... thanks to KC Wong of

We did a few things which tickled Nat pink!

Wayyyyy back in Rochester, MN, Gnat and us were planning how "small" scale the wedding was gonna be, all low key, no fanfare... but it al got blown outta proportion as the wedding dinner date drew closer.

In the end, we had the works, and I heard no end of it from Nat who was there that night. Glory, my other gal pal, did not help too. She added fat to the fire! Well, her wedding's up next in August, so we'll see...
WHAT WE SAID WE WOULD NEVER DO...Famous last words

ok, so we did the dry ice walk in thing.... to the traditional wdding march...

then we had the fake PLASTIC cake cutting

followed by champagne fountain

and of course, the "yum seng"

The Bentley Continental..:o)

Vinnie was so estatic about the car and the chauffer that he instructed the photographer to take extra shots of the vehicle.... I can't blame him actually.... that 1.2 million dollar baby is gonna be the most expensive car we have or perhaps will ever set foot in...

All the seats come with massage function... can u beat that? Arthur Tay (ahem.. no relation, but who is the owner of One degree 15 marina AND the ride) must really live it up!

Wedding dinner...Finally

Ok, Gnat has been bugging me for ages to put up some picts of the wedding, but we have been super busy... here's just a few for starters...

so here's the wine connoisseur aka Nat (awww... hugs!) giving us the " hmm, lemme see if its really any good" kinda look. I think the white passed!

here's our groupie shot

the rest, I will put them up slowly lah...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Rabbits: Peanut and Butter

Recently, I adopted a couple of rabbits. Here they are:

The brown one is called Peanut (duh!) and the Greyey one is called Butter. They are about 3 months, so cannot see if they are boys or girls yet. Very very cute!

Patch is the brown and white one. He came from the SPCA. Gotta get him cleaned up better first. Full of pee and poop stains on his furry bottom.

Fostering one more next week...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Fly back in Singapore

thanks to everyone who has been asking about Fly. She made it thru 30 days quarantine alive though she was driving the keepers made during the stay with incessant pleas for frisbee sessions.

Here she is next to my new car with her most treasured possession, tired out after a whole afternoon of play in Singapore's hot n humid weather.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

we are officially boatless now

sold the boat today........ SOB!!! it had to go as we r moving back home soon.

but we are glad that it is going to another fishing mad couple. still... it was heartbreaking watching the boat being towed away by another truck....

that was the best boat ever and it gave us lots of fish and good memories...

here's one last look of the black baby........

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the dog with manners

we rented a boat slip for 2 days from Terry's harbour during our Mille Lacs trip. inside Terry's shop, were a couple of dogs. One of them was thi black lab who was extremely well behaved and liked to perch herself, legs "all properly crossed", at the window sill, looking out for customers.

she was a real sweetie that I couldn't resist taking a shot with my camera.. Posted by Picasa

Mille Lacs Lake- walleye capital of the world!

as our time in rochester is drawing to a close, even though its still a few more months, we are looking that many things from a different perspective....i.e. better try it out cuz we won't get the chance in Spore when we head back.

thus our mad attempts to squeeze as much fishing as possible into the weekends, trying to maximise our time with the boat and taking in as much of the outdoor splendour...

so we spent the past 2 weekends dirving up to Mille Lacs. Mille Lacs is Minnesota's 2nd largest lake after the Red Lakes way up north. Its located smack in the middle of MN. To the fishing literate, this lake is world famous forMinnesota's favorite fish: the walleye. to some, that is prized above salmon. Lake spans just about 200 miles! and in the winter, it ices over so good, about 2-4 feet, that big trucks can drive onto it!

anyway, this last weekend was our best by far... we totally outdid ourselves catching walleye. in our first 2 weekends at Mille Lacs, we averaged 1-2 fish only for the whole 2 days of fishing. then last weekend, we finally struck gold! all the conditions were perfect... the wind was not horrible, waves were very bearable at 1 ft or less. at night, it was usually calm.

so...this time around, we caught more than 20 fish in just 1 night and had to stop fishing cause' it was 2.30 am, no actually... it was technically 3.30 am cuz they set the time back to reflect daylight savings.... we fished non stop from 4pm till about 8pm (we had 2 fish in the cooler then), stopped for dinner for an hour, then fished until 2.30am! that was hardcore. temps were 25 deg F, or just minus 2 or 3 deg celcius....our friends will think we r nuts to fish in this weather... however, vince bought a little heater, so that made things a little more bearable in the boat.

fishing got real hot just after midnight, and we were catching fish at every pass in about 5 ft of water. usually, we had just gotten our lines in before one of us would yell: FISH ON! then for the next 2 and a half hours, it was nonstop action. I even caught a huge Northern Pike. weighing in at 11 pounds! it tired me out reeling it in... however, in reeling in my fish, vince lost control of his rod and it fell into the murky depths.. that was the only shity thing the whole night.

in short, we had a whale of a time, and hopefully this coming weekend, we will be heading back again for one last trip... man! that was a fantastic weekend. I will be posting pics next, so watch this space.. ;O)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

French and Saunders - Sex Skit

omigod!!!!!... hilarious shit about todgers and men's dangly bits!

Harry Enfield - The Old Ladies

horny old ladies....har har har

Harry Enfield - Women know your limits

I loved harry enfield & chums during undergrad days. here's a classic!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Funny stupid japanese guys

spastic video just for shits and giggles

just discovered Picasa...

well, thanks to Nat, found a better way to blog photos. that one's of vin n his ice cream! Posted by Picasa

Fixing gene's cruise control

Picture taken outside my window. apologies for the screened view! the boys trying to fix gene's cruise control, taken 2 weeks back. vincent's ass sticking out proudly! weather was about 8 deg that day. crazy!! Posted by Picasa